Augustine's Club 17

About Us

Augustine's Club 17 has been around since 1952, the name Club 17, a nod to the previous owner's brood of 17 children, it was mainly a bar that packed hundreds onto its dance floor to hear bands from New York each weekend.  Folks would make reservations for drinks alongside the bandstand and enjoy steamers for 20 cents a dozen (25 cents on Saturday).  Whiskey was 50 cents and wine was 40 cents a glass back then and men and women had to arrive and depart through separate entrances. 

Much has changed over the years.  Around 1972 Augustine's opened a takeout kitchen, a major remodel eliminated the bandstand to create more restaurant like atmosphere that promoted the food and eat-in dining.  

Maria Augustine-Emily, daughter of Leo & Tillie took over the business in 1986 and kept the classic sandwiches and pizza her parents made so popular, while adding 17 specialty pizzas with dough made fresh daily and a variety of homemade Italian dishes.